Spare parts and accessories for automatic lathes

Suitable for Citizen, Gildemeister, Index, Star, Hanwha, Traub …

Our expertise

Our experience

We have nearly 50 years experience in producing and marketing chuck levers for all the major makes of automatic lathes and CNC machines.

We sell over 60,000 chuck lever annually, making us one of the leading manufacturers in this sector.

We seek to apply this fund of know-how to your advantage and our own. We want you to be a satisfied customer who can rely on our high quality and prompt delivery, and for whom we are the supplier of choice. This is something we endeavour to achieve on a daily basis.

  • We supply over 1000 different parts for well known makes of automatic lathes
  • 90 % of our articles are constantly in stock
  • Delivery possible within 24 hours
  • Efficient and professional order processing
  • Continuously expanding product portfolio

Permanent product sourcing

Our wide range of additional spare parts:

  • Clamping sleeves
  • Pressure sleeves collets
  • Clutch levers
  • Ring for clamping sleeves
  • Rollers and roller bolts
  • Material stop
  • Part off holder
  • Tool holder
  • and more

In addition we offer:

  • Parts not included in the catalogue can be produced at the customer’s request
  • Continuous expansion of our range of components for automatic lathes
  • Marking systems for single and multi-spindlers and CNC machines

We are the number 1 in the manufacture of chuck levers for lathes.

Chuck lever and more spare parts suitable for …

Chuck lever
Loading magazine/clamping fixtures
Marking/Stampingsystem - Signosyn
Bar grip arm

Marking/Stampingsystem – Signosyn

Stamping with driven stamping roll without rolling over scripture


Additional advantages:

  • Used primarily on single-spindle and multi-spindle smaller or confined spaces
  • Stamps / embosses even the smallest parts
  • Works very close to the collet chuck
  • Very high embossing / stamping depth

Signosyn D40
Used mainly in single-spindle machines

Advantages of the marking technique:

  • Stamping even the smallest texts without a knurling tool
  • Flexible application on longitudinal or cross slide
  • Longer-lasting stamping roll
  • High embossing speed (up to V-300m/min.)
  • Independent of diameter tolerances
  • High-resolution typeface
  • Simple control
  • Use of segmented stamping roll with interchangeable letters
  • Marking can be incorporated at any point

Signosyn D50
Used on single and multi-spindle machines

Advantages for you:

  • Can be used on any CNC turret lathe with a VDI holder
  • Adaptable to any machine
  • Embosses even the smallest texts without a knurling tool
  • Clear typeface
  • Stamping of identical texts on different part diameters or tolerances
  • Easy to handle, simple to set up
  • Letter segments for freely combinable text
  • Marking can be incorporated into production sequence at any point

Signosyn D50 CNC
with driven stamping roll and no text overrun
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