Complex turning and milling parts / modules / system supplier

Continuity, together and identification, these are the success factors that we live from our family tradition.

Our expertise

Our strengths:

  • Unique production know-how
  • Fully certified, experienced management of all aspects of the production process
  • Close familiarity with the highest quality specifications
  • Many years of experience in the production of aerospace parts
  • Compliance with standard EN and ISO and all customer requirements
  • High personal responsibility and distinct quality awareness among our employees
  • Airbus approval for processing and drilling of CFRP components
  • Universal production of a wide range of parts

Our range of services:

  • Machining of all materials, especially those which are hard to cut
  • CFK-Machining
  • Complete machining of single and serial parts
  • 5-sided milling of workpieces from Ø 1,000 x 1,300 x 800 mm
  • Lathe machining of workpieces up to Ø 500 mm
  • Advice on low-cost production processes during the design process
  • Advice on potential savings during ongoing series production
  • Module assembly
  • Build-to-print – Parts
  • Ship-to-stock – Parts
  • Design and engineering of jigs and tooling, operating equipment and testing systems (SolidWorks)

Our production areas

Precision Engineering

  • Location Bermatingen-Ahausen
  • about 100 employees
  • Specializing in parts final processing and assembly
  • Elaborate system of process know-how for complex parts
  • Process development for the total group

Manufacturing engineering

  • Location Markdorf
  • about 50 employees
  • Economical production of higher volumes
  • Airbus admission to machining and drilling of CFRP components
  • Specializing in CFRP machining
  • Flexible manufacturing systems and robot palletizing

The higher the standards required, the better you are with us.

Part gallery

The examples below are just a small selection of the parts we produce to special specifications.


Production specifications:

  • Aluminium ø 680 mm
  • 5-axes simultaneous Mill
  • Machining degree approx. 80%

High-capacity fan wheel

Production specifications:

  • Centering of forged part
  • Special interior deburring process
  • Strict positional and radial runout tolerances

Control valve block

Production specifications:

  • Extremely thin walls
  • Strict requirements for surface finish

Aerospace component

Production specifications:

  • Round stock17-4 PH Ø 140
  • After pre-treatment, artificial ageing to condition H1025
  • Finally finish-machined

Mount for aircraft main landing gear

Production specifications:

  • High-strength steel material
  • Rolled thread
  • Rounded opening for improved static design

Locking bar

Production specifications:

  • Made from aluminium
  • High machinability
  • Made from solid material
  • Combination of control geometries and 3D-elements
  • High-specification sealing surfaces

Guided missile component

Production specifications:

  • Strict flank face tolerance for meaningful wind tunnel results

Wing root - wind tunnel model

Production specifications:

  • Machining of carbon material

Carbon window