Whistleblower System

Whistleblower system ZIEGLER GmbH

Looking away and listening away does not help with problems, especially not when it comes to violations of the law and serious misconduct by employees or business partners. In addition to the direct possibility of reporting any grievances to superiors and an independent body, ZIEGLER GmbH also offers the possibility to submit information anonymously. With the anonymous whistleblower system “ZIEGLER.Hintbox.eu”, we comply with both our legal obligations and our own expectations of transparent action.

How it works

With the electronic whistleblowing system, all business partners and employees can anonymously report reports of serious compliance violations/Code of Conduct violations. We, the ZIEGLER company does not have access to this data. Technical traceability by employees of ZIEGLER GmbH to the whistleblower is therefore not possible. Only if you wish, you can give up your anonymity. By submitting a report, you have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with an independent body via the system’s electronic mailbox and to describe your case and share files and photos.